NEW 5-17-2010 Diaphragm howlers..


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I have been using making and using these howlers for about 3 years now. I finally got them where I want them.. They are a single reed beileve it or not, but these creat great howls. I have 12(twelve) of these available that can ship tomorrow. I can sit down and make more if needed. The pricing is as follows:
1 call = $8.00 TYD CONUS
2 calls = $13.00 TYD CONUS
3 calls = $18.00 TYD CONUS

Here is a pic:

Thank you for looking,
Jeremiah Weber
jeremiah, why arn't your calls listed on your web site. I have been there and didn't know you even made calls. You should get them up there.

thanks for the quick shipping on the lights and the halo, by the way.