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I have been turned on to some of the funnest hunting I've ever done. A couple of years ago Santa got my girl a requested puppy. Being that Santa likes hunting he figured the dog should help him out as well so he found a Mountain Feist squirrel dog. This weekend I hunted him seriously for the first time. What a hoot! My 6 yr old boy and I shot 7 and 2 got in holes on us. This is an absolute blast.

We had a Feist when I was growing up, Penny was her name and she was responsible for probably a truck load of squirrels over her lifetime. That was some great hunting fun and actually a way of life as a hunter in our area back then. We didn't have deer or turkey back then. Rabbits and squirrels and an occasional grouse were all we had to hunt. Dogs were always a big part of our life.

Enjoy your little Feist. Happy days are ahead.
Congrats & enjoy! One of the best squirrel dogs I've hunted with was a friend's homely Rat-Terrier named Herbie. He wasn't very big but he was a heluva treeing dog. Crazy little guy took on an incidental raccoon that wasn't quite dead once, he made out alright though.
Last year he was silent treeing, this year he has a mouth. He has turned into a treeing machine. Daylight coons, cats and tree rat after tree rat. Fun times ahead!!
Originally Posted By: Ethan1234I wish i had a good squirrel dog to hunt with here in wv

Ethan, I'm in the Eastern Panhandle, Hardy county. I bred my brindle male cur to a friend's brindle female and she's due in about 2 weeks. Mine is registered, his is not. Give me a shout if you're interested in a pup. We have both fiest and cur.