New Microtech auto...


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New auto, LUDT. Katana OD green, bronzed hardware and blade. Blade steel is Elmax. Fires hard and locks up solid as a bank vault, blade is 3.25" .115 stock and ground nice and thin, very slicey dicey.

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Nice knife. I have a couple of autos.

Years ago I had a chance to buy stag and bone handle made in Germany switchblades. They were illegal then in my state.
At that time I couldn't afford them. They were around 250 dollars depending on model. This was probably 45 years ago. Lot of money back then.
They were nice though.
Always wished I had bought at least one.
I kept an Italian auto taped on my lower leg when I worked dope while on a drug task force. I have owned a Benchmade and a OTF Microtech before this LUDT. The OTF knives were fun, the fidget factor was high and they worked ok for casual EDC chores. However I never felt like they were really good cutters. The LUDT has a good blade shape, it is thin behind the edge, the handle is comfortable and the knife cuts very well and is actually useful.

That is a good looking blade shape. No reason a knife can't be useful in more than one respect.

The last auto I got is a Kershaw. It is a fun little knife. Opens fast and has good steel. It has a quite pointy blade that is not as useful as yours in some respects.

Don't know if you like Kershaw but if you do look into their autos if you have not already. Some or maybe all are USA. Some others from Kershaw are other than USA.
The ones I have open stronger than my Benchmade and cost about half as much. I reckon they all use different steel for different models so that is to consider.
I've owned a Kershaw Launch 7 auto. It disappeared a few years back.

I now have a Benchmade mini reflex and LOVE it!
Originally Posted By: tnshootistYou must have forgot to break his little legs off before you laid it up. A good knife will walk of if they get a chance for sure.

No [beeep]!