new on here weres all the ohio guys


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im from southern ohio a little hill county and farm land. just wanted to know where the ohio guys are so i can share some info or storys with from time to time,thanks hope to hear from the locals.
I'm in Akron too. I just got into coyote hunting. I've only been out 2 or 3 times so far. Got a lot of howling and yipping to my locate calls, switched to baby bunny distress and they just hung up and wouldn't come closer. I'll try again as soon as muzzle loader is finished up (need to re-stock the deer freezer !) Keep in touch.
Chillicothe here....can't shoot any coyotes here cause some wanna be farmer keeps over calling them in my area. All he does is educate these things...I don't get it.
Maybe my home made caller will work....
I still claim to be a buckeye because I hate KY lol.. I lived in Proctorville up until a few years ago...It will always be home. Thankfully Im only about 30 minutes away.
sounds good guys keep postin your stuff here ill up date the post from time to time for us locals.and rletts77 hope that farmer can get into something else for your sake,,,lol later guys keep up the hunt, better than sittin on the couch later....
As I stated earlier, I've only been out a few times (no kills). So I am far from being able to give advice. But since joining the forum, I've been reading more than I ever have. There's a lot of good info here, Just have to make sure it applies to our location and not the wide open areas like out west. I currently have a Foxpro Spitfire and chintzy little rabbit decoy. Using a Marlin 336 (30/30) and a Mossberg 12ga. I did set some bait out from a deer that had way too many pus sacs (looked like lime pudding !) in it for my liking. Didn't get a chance to hunt over it though. By the time I got to check on it, the quarters were gone and the rib cage was picked over pretty good. My first calling session (the last 2 hours of daylight) brought out a hawk, an owl and had yipping and carrying on about 100 yds. away. I really want to do some night hunting but I'll be the first to tell you that being deep in the woods at night by myself freaks me out. Most of the guys I hunt with don't get the whole predator thing. They'll come around though, they never hunted turkey before I started either.
Well, we tried another set luck though.When we pulled in 3 deer hunters were leaving and they had walked all over the place, so that may have had a lot to do with it.
I put out my deer carcass too, but like Darrel said, I never got back to it.
I did get to try out the Black and Decker spotlight out. It is kick butt for a scan light. It looks like I will be buying a 200 lumen bulb for the surefire light on the AR though for my "shoot" light.
None the less, I always have fun out hunting!