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After reading reviews on here I purchased an Athlon ARGOS HMR 4-20x50 with the AHMC reticle. Mounted it today and just sighted it in. It replaced a Leupold VX Freedom 3-9x50.
I'm very pleased with it. Great glass and a very sharp reticle with nice solid adjustments. If it holds zero I'll be a return customer.

Thanks for the help, Mike
In the event it does not hold zero, their CS will bend over backwards
to make it right.

I have an ARGOS 6-24x50, several years old, on a .45 Rem700ml
converted smokeless muzzle loader having a thumper of a recoil with
no hiccups whatsoever.
I have 2 midas tac and 1 Cronus, Athlon is the best kept secret. the clarity on the Midas Tac was better then a vortex Razor gen 2 to my eyes. Tracking is spot on and i have put them thru the paces.
Cant go wrong with an athlon