Nice male down in Michigan


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Took this nice male the other night here in Michigan, with the 22 nosler 162 yards 55 grain bt frontal neck shot no exit entry size of quarter very low pelt damage surprisingly gonna tan this one. Distress was the ticket.
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Originally Posted By: jmeddyCongrats but l can’t open the pic

I could originally but can’t see it now either.
Congrats !! Nice rig !

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Hey thanks 6mm, my tripod is a death grip bog pod, I put stealth strips on the parts where my hand goes and where they all touch to keep hands off cold metal.and quiet it down, rifle is a 22. Nosler AR platform I built with a wilson combat tactical hunter barrel that is an absolute tack driver btw.... have a sightmark wraith 2-16 NV scope on top with external battery pack mount by hunters solutions bob Abbott, I run the anker battery pack, ir light is the sniper hog coyote cannon a really badass light. Shooting noser 55 grain ballistic tips folds the coyotes hit em up front!