Night fishing with lights for crappie

Guys, looking at trying out night fishing for crappie with lights. I’ve read about this years ago and it seemed as though most used floating headlights and it seems as though now most swear by submersible lights. What do you guys use and any tips for someone starting out night fishing.
Man we used a colman lantern leaning over boat when i was a kid. Onky way we could easily catch a bunch. Today submersible lights are supposed to be good. Minnows for bait.
Well we are going to find out what’s up tonight. My 10 yo and I are headed to the lake to give it a go. Bought 2 of the submersible green lights.
Please keep us updated on your results. My youngest is almost 9 and thinks of nothing but fishing (I'm not much of a fisherman}. It seems to me like a lot of work for a little bit of fish, but the experience is worth more than the catch, according to my son's crazy grandmother. Heavy on the sarcasm because it's my mother, not the in-law!
Currently in a rain delay, managed to catch one before the lightning got too close, so we run back and ate dinner in the cab of the truck. Getting ready to head back out. Keep you guys updated.
Well, we only managed one crappie tonight. But my son is hooked, and I think that’s a good thing. We started out at about 6:30 this evening, he loves to bass fish so we hit some of our usual spots. Ended up with 2 small guys on a top water frog and I stuck a 3lbs on a deep brush pile with a creature bait texas rigged. Once it got dark enough, we anchored and dropped the lights in. 20 minutes later the lightning was getting too close for comfort so we ran back to the ramp and put the boat on the trailer. We sat in the truck and ate our sandwiches while listening to Jerry Clower. After about an hour and a half, the radar showed we were gonna have a break in the storms. We headed back out and fished for about an hour and a half. More storms were headed our way and I decided to call it. He said he had lots of fun and thanked me for taking him. Plan to try it again next week and pray for better weather.
Gonna try it again tomorrow night, went last week and we got on them pretty good. Emptied the 4 dozen minnows and had to switch to jigs. Found a spot off a main lake point that came up shallow with the old river channel swinging in towards the point about 30 yards away. Anchored in 14’ of water on the edge of the drop into the old river channel. We had to weed through a lot of little ones but managed to get 3 over 12”. I’ll try and get some pictures of my set up tomorrow before the sun goes down.
When I was a kid my friends dad used a couple sealed beam headlights fixed in chunks of foam. We'd catch a 3 person limit (30) of trout in a couple of hours. Also a few catfish. Good times for sure.
I've had intermittent success fishing at night with lights. When it works, it is fast pace catching. Lights require an abundance of forage fish and zooplankton that can be attracted to the light for this technique to work. The reason lights work is they create a food chain under the light. When forge is low in abundance, lights won't work very well. Late summer is a good time of year to try fishing with lights because many fish species have spawned so there is a lot of food available. The fry will be attracted to the light and can get things going. You should be able to see swarms of forage fish under the light within 30 minutes of putting a light in the water. Ive tried using both submersible and floating lights. They both work well when they do work. Good Luck!
I've found out about this years prior and it appeared to be like most utilized drifting headlights and it appears to be like presently most depend on submarine lights. What do you folks use and any tips for somebody beginning evening fishing best spinning reels.