Night Goggles “Night Stalker” Tripods are shipping!


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The all-new Night Goggles “Night Stalker” Tripod & Ball-Head is the most portable, affordable and universal tripod to date. With lightweight, durable carbon fiber legs with camouflage pads, leveling ball-head and state of the art innovation, the Night Stalker is perfect for nearly any shooting situation. Whether you prefer standing, kneeling, sitting or prone position, the Night Stalker does it all. You can even remove one leg for use as a mono-pod or walking stick when the situation dictates. Add the popular Shadow Tech Pig Saddle or Kopfjager Reaper Grip shooting rest for the ultimate shooting platform.

Prices starting at just $138.00 at

Shadow Tech Pig Saddle rest

Kopfjager Reaper Grip rest

When we said our Night Stalker is the most “VERSATILE” tripod to date, we weren’t joking! Turn this tripod into a bipod in seconds. Can your tripod do this?!