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Im not sure how the mods and such would feel about it, but I would like to start an official broadhead damage thread. If anyone feels this is not ok to be on here please feel free to delete.

When I want some new heads the best selling points for me are how much damage they do, how fast they do it, and how they fly.

Please add in your post...

1. Broadhead Type
2. Bow
3. Draw weight and draw length
4. How they fly compared to field tips
5. How far the shot was
6. How far the tracking job was

and please add pictures of the entrance and exit wounds if you have them.

Ill start

1. Rage 2 Blade Broadhead
2. 2008.5 Elite Z28
3. 62 pounds and 28.5" draw
4. Just like a fieldtip
5. Roughly 30-35 yards
6. He made it about 30-40 yards with a great blood





Blood Trail


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Zack I saw this yesterday and I do feel it is a post has the potential to be informative for our fellow archers so we will let it run with the caveat that if it gets too graphic Cody or myself will pull it.
Its a tough line to walk between showing the deadly killing power of a razor sharp broad-head and being somewhat tasteful while doing that.So if the thread is to continue lets all try to walk that line and see how it goes.
Thanks in advance for your understanding.
Oh and the pictures posted above are acceptable.

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Interesting thread. I have no pic's but know what some broadheads can do. I would be interested in knowing what kind of penetration one experiences with said broadhead, besides the obvious pass through.
Thank you Mod's for letting this go thru, for now anyways.
Mathews Q2, 62lbs at 28" draw. Spitfire 100s, big hole and good blood trail, went 50 yards max. Probably would've been a shorter tracking job but the buck was quartering away, at least a 45 degree angle, so much so that I had to catch the front end of the guts to get in to the vitals but it went where it needed to. On that note, that thoroughly disproved the argument that mechanicals can "ricochet" off a target at a steep angle, at least to me. I figure a nice broadside shot and he woulda been down in 30 yards or less. Sorry no pics.
They can ricochet but then again I have seen a fixed blade hit at a steep angle and do it as well.Some mechanicals are more prone to do it than others. I just stay away from them because I am lazy and don't like to make things more complicated.
Pros on the 2 blade Rage 1.They fly good 2.They leave a blood trail like you wouldnt believe 3. They put the animal down QUICK! Now for the cons 1.They dont hold up well after the shot, had more than one come apart after recovery 2.Pricey, even the replacement blades are expensive! Just today I seen Rages new broad head called Titanium and they want $80 for a 3 pack! Cant decide if I want to continue using them simply due to the price.
If you have a problem with your Rage send them back and they will replace them. Ive herd alot of guys say they are a one shot head, but I shot a hog with the same head I shot the deer pictured above with and all I did was replace the O-ring and sharpen.
Atom 100gr.
Hoyt alpha max
70# 28" draw
Shot 3 deer with the same arrow/broadhead two does and one buck. The buck made it 70yds, the other two went about 30yds, all 3 were broadside pass through shots with easy to follow blood trails and quick kills. The same broadhead is back in my quiver ready to start off next season!!
Im not a fan of mechanicals IN MY OPINION they are all junk, tried rage 2yrs ago every head was ruined after one deer (blades broke ,bent ,or chipped),Same results w many other brands, I shot 3 deer w 1 muzzy mx4, my pic was one deer shot w used muzzy and still ready for next year .
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Alright guys lets get somthing straight right off the bat. This is NOT A BROADHEAD BASHING THREAD! Thats not my goal here at all. There are to many other websites full of threads for bashing broadheads if thats your thing. I dont want thing like that over taking my idea for this thread.
Well regardless it will be one, I have never had good success with mechanicals. So there is the damage report: Mechanical more expensive, harder recover. That being said best damage for the buck: Muzzy 125 gr 3 blade. Shots well, and in 8 dead elk, not one went past 80 yards.

Last fall shooting mathews switchback at 70 pounds 125 muzzy, on a 10.2gr/inch arrow. Mature 6 point bull at 58 yards resulted in a complete pass through, and the arrow then going trough a young pine and another 8 yards pass that. bull went 80 yards mainly because he was already leaving when I took the shot.

2 years ago, bull elk same set up at 26 yards. Arrow a little far forward, resulted in breaking front shoulder, then a rib, then nicking a rib on opposite side before breaking the opposite shoulder. Elk died 33 yards away. The arrow broke in 3, but the head got 3 new blades at about $6 and is still in use. No need to send the head in.
wish i lived in a place were you could expirment w/ archery gear, montec g-5 has been succesful in droping deer in tracks for me in az, w/ a shot were i could penetrate and break oppiste shoulder, wont change because i may lose confidense in me or bow, interesting posts though a lot learned.......
Its not bashing its a matter of personal experience w them and my OPINION of em, If they work for someone else great. Everyone has an opinion of what they use and what works for them. If someone has bad experince w a product i want to hear it so i done make the same mistake.
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Does anoyone use wack'em heads? I have been using them for years and have shot several deer with same broad head. Mosty accurate heads i have shot. They have solid middle structure, and replaceable blades. Very sharp too.