Opening day in NC 21


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We had a really fine opening day. My wife and I were hunting about a mile apart. It happened really early for me. I heard my bird on the roost and he came down straight to my clucks. I have been hunting my whole life in NC and had never killed a turkey that weighed 20#. I know they kill them a lot bigger in other states but in NC, 20#ers aren't behind every bush. Mine weighed 20# on the nose, 10" 1" fat spurs.



My wife had to work much hard for hers. She had a bird gobbling at daylight but he was on another property and she was unable to pull him in. SHe hunted all day and at 2 PM, she called in a hen and a very nice gobbler. Hers was 21.6# 10.25" 1".

Not bad for a young girl of 73.

Congrats to you Both--------Nice bird Young Lady--Our season is coming up soon also---This morning I watch a Tom courting 3 young lady's but they wouldn't have nothing to do with Him---Hope he stays around awhile -Hope to hunt them this year [74]---Great Pic's --------Again Congrats Nice Birds
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