P.O.I. Shift between suppressors


Just curious what you guys are seeing with point of impact shift between different suppressors, mainly changing from a 9” 30 cal can to a 7” 22 cal can on my 223’s, is it generally pretty close or quite a bit of difference?
Re-zero your Rifle. Do not expect even the same exact make and mod of can to retain zero on the same host. At least I don't.
If they weighed the same, it would help minimize the shift. As would a short,heavy barrel vs longer, thinner contours. Not uncommon for shift to occur just removing and reinstalling the same suppressor.
I typically use an TBAC ultra 9 on my 260 and an ultra 7 on an AR. If I am the only one hunting I may only take one suppressor with me. SO, I checked the difference. My heavy barreled 260 is 1” high and 1/2” left when using the 7 vs the 9. (At 100 yards)
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