Pennsylvania: ATV's and Passengers

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I cannot find any clear law concerning this topic, and I was informed the PAGC can, and will, enforce laws when concerning ATV's on state land. If this isn't in the right section, please move or delete, as I don't know where else to turn. A call to the DCNR proved to be absolutely useless.

Anyways, I'd like to take a trip up north and ride the state trails near Kane, and would like my 8 year old son to accompany me. The one piece of information I could find made a passive comment about your ATV needing to be equipped properly to safely carry a passenger. My Honda Rancher 420cc clearly states NOT to carry a passenger, and the DCNR briefly comments about manufacturer recommendations. But, not many ATV's can carry passengers, so what to do with younger kids?

If anyone can help me with even personal experience, that'd be great. I plan on securing a back rest/storage container on the rear of my quad for my kid, and he has a very nice helmet he uses when riding his 90cc on our property.

NY law made this clear by stating "You may never operate an ATV with a passenger, unless the ATV is designed to carry a passenger." as found at NY ATV Laws

It does not appear that PA has the same restriction written in to their law. You go a step further when you state that the manufacturer even states NOT to carry a passenger. Not sure what exactly you expect for an answer, but I do note that you said you called DCNR. PA Game Commission is not the same as DCNR and you may get better results by contacting the proper agency.
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IN all cases Id have the youth passenger wearing a safety helmet. In MI all riders must have helmet unless the machine has approved safety roll bars.

I continue to see ATV riders going by w/OUT helmets. But then we have a 25mph in the sub and many go 35 and MORE. Commissioner lives down the way and he is among the speeders. i suspect he and the sheriff are in cahouts.
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