Pirating Sounds

That's a pretty gray area, if someone purchases the sound and sells the caller with them on it, I see no problem. If he keeps a copy of the sounds for his new caller or just adds the sounds to sweeten the deal and keeps a copy for himself that is pirating. In the first scenario, the sounds are paid for and they are just moving on to a new owner, kind of like buying a record in a store, you are free to sell it at a later date, you cannot legally make a copy of it.
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WOW, opinions are just that. And, facts are, in fact, facts. The fact is, how are you going to, separate the free sounds from the lease sounds, or any other sound, like, the not your sounds, from the ones I made with my hand calls? As sounds are not id'd in any manner that the ordinary user could determinate which is which. I've never signed any legal form that addressed sounds in any way.

So, my conclusion is, if its on my caller, They belong to me, plain and simple. If you would like to dispute that, prove they are not mine.
Legal and moral, if you copy those company supplied sounds off your caller and start selling them, the owner of those sounds can take you to court. If you produced those original sounds by either recording real sounds or recording your sounds from a mouth caller they are yours.
By purchasing a factory made game caller you automatically agreed to there copywrite rules.

This is from the manufacturer owners manual.

"This manual, the animal sounds stored in your caller, and animal sounds purchased from FOXPRO®Inc. for installation in your caller are protected by copyright"
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For the sake of argument, which is what happens in a court of law. Let's say, I don't agree. You can show us where anyone ever won a case as described in this topic. Bill Martz spend a lot of money suing people over his sounds to no avail.
Sorry I'm not going to search case law. Copyright laws are well known, if you want to challenge them, go right ahead.

I'm pretty sure that unless it is a blatant violation of a company's copyrighted sounds you aren't going to have a problem but that is where the moral side of the argument comes into play. If you feel that it is ok to sell someone else's copyrighted sounds it is your decision to break the law and then where do you draw the line on breaking the law.
In the end, it matters not, because this is today's world. It's OK to do whatever you want if nobody speaks up..and nowadays everyone just turns the other way when they see others doing wrong.
I'm not a big enough wheeler-dealer of calls to have even thought about it, I guess I may have sold a Fusion 5 or 6 years ago with a couple TT sounds on it but I'm not sure. My Revolt is 5 or 6 years old and I've only added a handful of new sounds to it.

I guess maybe if we all had to use hand calls or diaphragm calls like duck and goose hunters then nobody would be able to pirate any sounds. Something to think about...