Post Pics Of Your Hunting/Predator/Varmit AR Here !!


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Show off your hunting AR15's and other Variants. All the Mall Ninja, Super Tricked Out Tactical stuff can stay on that other AR15 forum that's so well known. Just the Hunting rigs please.

I'll start off with my new hunting rig. Scope/mount (Burris XTR 1-4x and Larue SPR mount is on wish list) set up will change as funds become available but for now it'll get me by. No kills yet but we'll take there of that in short order.


Bushmaster Predator lower w/ Vltor FDE A1 Stock
YHM Black Diamond Spectre upper 1/9
GG&G QD riser
TPS High 1" rings
Burris Fullfield II 4.5-14x42 ballistic plex scope
YHM Bipod/sling adapter
Harris 6-9 BR bipod
FDE Ladder rail covers
Hogue Ghille Tan pistol Grip.
Posted these before, but why not?

Bushmaster with JP trigger / Leupold 6x18x40. RRA 16" / Leupold VX3 3.5x10x50 IR. LaRue 1 piece on each.


D-Tech 20" fluted Oly SUM in .223 (1:10) on Oly lower with Jewell trigger and ACE stock. 4-12 Monarch in a Model One mount. Blue-Force Vickers sling and KNS front pivot-pin QD mount.
Taped it up instead of painting.

Floor needs a good cleaning.
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The top one is a S&W M/P 16" barrel with a Leupold Illuminated 1-5X20 scope.
Next is my Bushmaster Varminter Fluted 24" barrel with a Leupold 6-20X56 scope.Love em both.
For Varmints: My DTech 20", 1/14 fluted Oly SUM with ACE stock and Chip McCormick trigger, Now sporting an 8-32x Burris Black Diamond scope (not the one shown)


or my custom .204 with 22", 1/12 Douglas XX Match barrel and chamber with a JP Match trigger and a 4-16x Sightron Mil-Dot scope. This one also doubles as a back up for Predators.


For Predators: My DPMS 16", 1/9 bull barrel that has been cryo'd with a tuned RRA Match trigger.. Shown with a Mueller 2-7x Multi-Shot scope, but also has a 6.5-25x Muller, both scopes set up with Warne QD rings for easy/quick change over and a 512 EO-Tech for really close up work..