Post Pics Of Your Hunting/Predator/Varmit AR Here !!


Rebarrel on second lower soon to come.
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This is my DPMS upper 20in bull barrel on Superior lower w a trigger job and Burris 4x14x42 scope.
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Down to one upper. WOA 24" 1-8 Varmint.Sightron SII 6x24x42. 2 lowers. Aero Precision w/ DPMS LPK and MOE stock w/Hogue Grip and a YHM w/Spikes enhanced LPK, A2 stock. I have my eye on a 1-8 polygonal 223/5.56 upper. Or start a winter project with a 6.5 Grendel or 6x45 build. I really want all three.


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Burris Fullfield 4.4-14x42
Harris Bipod for the prone shots
Homemade shooting sticks for the rest!
Vortex Vulture binos

I like to have my XD sc 40 with me (heard of many people in my neck of the woods end up with a mountain lion way too close for comfort!)

I REALLY want to get my DPMS painted up with a desert camo but that is WAY out my my realm of ability!

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My AR15 in 22LR built by Nemohunter on Rimfire Central.


17" .930 barrel
YHM lite rifle length rail
DPMS Lo-Pro upper
DPMS charging handle
Spikes Tactical bolt
Spikes Tactical lower
Rock River two stage trigger
Magpul CTR
Magpul MIAD
Magpul XTM rail covers
Primary Arms 1-4X scope
GG&G rail riser
Warne perm attach 30mm medium rings

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I'm new here. I recently bought this R-15 Rifle specifically to hunt coyotes on my farm. Tomorrow I'll sight it in, if it isn't too windy. Then see if I can make a dent in the local coyote population.

I managed to get the R-15 and scope sighted in this morning. Although cool, the wind was next to nothing for a few hours after dawn. I'm neither the most consistent shot, nor particularly skilled at sighting in rifles, so it took about 60 rounds to get to the point where I was satisfied. Starting at 25 yards I roughly adjusted for windage and elevation, then worked back through a few intermediate distances to 100 yards where I concentrated on zeroing in the scope to the best of my abilities.

I'm pleased with the results. My best grouping once I was done fine tuning the scope was 1.25" at 100 yards. This was with a Nikon Pro Staff 3-9x40mm scope and Remington 45gr hollow points.

I plan to try some other bullets in other weights to see what gives me the best consistency, but I'm pleasantly surprised with today's shooting. With any luck at all the rifle and I will get some coyotes soon.


Trust me Billtannica, from what I've seen from other guys on this site, that gun is going to surprise you when you get to be more comfortable with it and find a bullet it likes.
I posted this pic in the varmint section, but I figure this would be a good place too.


It's wearing a Redfield Revolution 2-7 now, but I haven't gotten a chance to shoot with it yet.

DPMS LR243, JP handguard, Timney trigger, Magpul stock, Burris PEPR 30mm scope mount, Leo 4.5x14 scope. Norrell's Moly Coat paint job. Shoots sub MOA with 76gr H414 and Nosler 55gr bullets. Love this gun.
My brother got jealous and wanted me to pimp his rifle on here too.

DPMS Sweet 16. Magpul stock, Timney trigger, Ergo grip, Burris PEPR mount, Sightron 4x16 scope, custom rattle can paint to match the Land of Enchantment. Sub MOA using 23gr Benchmark with 55gr Vmax. Tons of notches on this little rifle.
Don't think I've post here yet -I'm a newbe as far as the AR scene! My AR varmit rig is mainly a Colt H-BAR 20" with 4X Barska nothing fancy but it works! Where I mostly hunt 250 yards is a long shot as the Sage is big and if the yotes are in it they can be 10 feet away and you'll never see them!

Can't load a Pic!!

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Here's my groundhog setup, RRA Predator Pursuit with Larue mount and Bushnell Elite 6500 2.5-16X44 Tactical, Harris bipod, Super sling.


Same lower with RRA .458 SOCOM upper and Aimpoint Comp ML3 in Larue mount for Indiana deer season.


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Kind of a crappy pic but Mines a DPMS Arctic Panther in .223 with a 20" bull bbl wearing a nikon buckmaster 4.5-14x40 in warne tactical rings. It usually has the Caldwell tall bipod attached as well. Hopefully a triger job soon
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