Post Pics Of Your Hunting/Predator/Varmit AR Here !!

Stag lower
RRA NM 2 stage trigger
Custom .223 upper
Shilen barrel, SS, 1:8",24" service rifle contour
LaRue SPR mount
Leupold 6.5-20*50 LR/T varmint hunter ret

Sometimes wears a PRS stock




RRA lower
RRA NM 2 stage trigger
DPMS .204 upper
LaRue SPR mount
Leupold 8.5-25*50 LR/T varmint ret
PRS stock
I thought I had posted pictures of mine, but I guess not.

20" Tonys custom upper. Spikes Tactical lower, Ace Skelton stock, 2 stage trigger. I dig the rifle, these coyotes didnt.




This is how it started life:

I took the Burris XTR rings off as it did not get the Leupold 3.5-10x40 far enough forward and I bought a Armalite mount. I also took off the adustable as at 6'4 it wasnt long enough for my arms/frame and with the heavy barrel it didnt really balance out the rifle. I put a Ace Skeleton stock that I bought from here and I absolutely love it. I also put camo tape on the barrel and hand guard as I do not have the skill/huevos/artistic ability/ to paint an AR like some people do!
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Top rifle is just a plain jane Bushmaster O.R.C with a Magpul MOE forearm,RRA Match 2 stage trigger, Ergo Suregrip topped with a Leupold Mark AR 3x9 duplex ret.


Bottom rifle is a New Frontier 6x45 with an 18" BlackHole Weaponry 3 groove poly standard match barrel w/a YHM rifle length FFT on a PlumCrazy lower. In the picture it has a Magpul MOE grip but now wheres an ERGO Suregrip and is topped with a Mueller Multi-shot 2x7.

My favorite as of right now is the Bushy just because it's so light, however it doesn't hold a candle to the NFA in the accuracy dept.


Here is my new R15 in .223. I just bought the Byron South edition so it already had all the mods done. Ergo grip, 2 stage trigger, yankee hill float tube, and some rails. Took it out yesturday and called in a double and put one yote down.



My AR has changed a bit since I bought it at Christmas. Traded for a model 1 24" heavy barrel upper. Also put a RRA advanced half quad hand guard on. Replaced the stock grip with a hogue overmolded rubber grip. When people say these are addicting, believe them, cause they aren't lying!

Bushmaster Predator 223
MIAD, p-mag
larue mount / loopy mark 4
giessle dmr
vltor emod stock
carnimore sand tiger camo

also have a 6.8 spc rra coyote carbine upper on a tac innovations lower...wears an eotech w/ 3x mag, bushy 2 stage trigger, vltor emod stockand carnimore sand tiger camo...have to take some pics of her one of these days
here's the two I put together when I was home on leave. The one on the left is an Armalite pre-ban lower with Tapco stock/quad rail and grip with Magpul pistol grip on a DTI upper and UTG flip up sight. EOTECH 512 is on the way. Single point Magpul sling adapter with single point Magpul sling. The one on the right is my new coyote getter. Model 1 sales 16" 1:9 extra bull upper on a DTI lower. Nikon ar223 2-8 with 600yd BDC on Nikon AR mounts (getting different higher mounts) xlr250 kill light. Will be painting when I get home