Post Pics Of Your Hunting/Predator/Varmit AR Here !!

Originally Posted By: roadkill46that blows! well you can do all the fondling you want then! just can't shoot it too often.

Just goes to show you can't give an inch to the antis. In the 90s when this happened Canadian gun owners just rolled over and took it. It's much easier to lose rights than to gain the back.
Fresh out of the Krylon booth! Camera made them seem lighter in color then they really are.



I love that pic.. Does that rifle work well? I mean feed and function well? I'm going to get one this Spring just like it only black.. Is that a 16" bull barrel? I'm thinking of the same, or 18".. Have you checked the speed of the bullets on a chronograph? I'm asking because I'm trying to figure out what barrel length to get. I take it that your rifle is in .223 or 5.56?

Thanks man, sorry for the questions.. I just dig that rifle..
The rifle with the red dot (on the bottom in the pics with the 2 rifles) is a 5.56 chamber. Its actually a Daniel Defense 16" light weight profiled barrel. Never have run it over the chrono. If I can answer any other questions feel free to shoot em my way.
with red/green dot site

with 3-9x33mm bushnell scope.

love this thing. only shot it about 20 times. but it shot really well. about to order 1000rds for it. and the rail set for the front.
nothin fancy but accurate and fast....started as a bushy orc,rifle lenghth float tube,tatical latch,timney 3#,burris 3-9...good close quarters carbine....
Here's the beginning of my first build. Still waiting on parts. As of now it's a RRA upper, Bravo MPI BCG, YHM rifle length gas tube with low pro gas block, and USO once piece mount with a USO SN-4S.


Heres the finished product.


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This is one of 3....a DPMS 16" bull barrel in .223, with a Nikon M-223 scope on it.....a very handy little rifle.


I'll get pics up of the other two: .204 Ruger 20" barrel and a DTech 17 Remington that's out getting camo dipped right now.


RRA Pred. Pursuit 20 barrel, nikon coyote scope, warne 1 piece rings, pmag stuby 10 rd clip, gripz sling, and mcnett mossy oak brush camo tape. This thing is my pride and joy right now. Havent got any blood on it yet.
This is my Tactical 20 that Mike M. built the upper on a few years back. It is like shooting a laser and the accuracy is phenomenal. Learning to make the bras was a hoot and I am shooting DANZAC coated Sierra BK's.

I used a 3 pound Timney trigger, a few extra goodies like a Magpul trigger guard and a Wilson bolt release and an enlarged selector. I found the ACE Skeleton stock to work well in the field and I swap the lower over for IPSC 3 Gun matches. Scope is a 6X18 by Nikon and I have found it on par with anything else I have used in my long shooting career.


Here it is on an outing after PD's in northern Arizona.


My 6.8 with 16" barrel...

She's about to have a makeover for a troy or samson handguard and foliage green furniture/accessories

edit: pmag is just for show as it's OD green

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This is my new night rifle

-RRA 16" upper with chrome bolt
-Carbon fiber full length hand guard with low profile block
-BM lower(parts ordered to build a custom)
-Burris PEPR mount
-Leupold M8 6X 42MM
-XLR 250