Post Pics Of Your Hunting/Predator/Varmit AR Here !!


Alexander Arms Grendel
19.5" barrel
Warp industries thread protector
Ergo Deluxe grip
Leupold vxIII CDS 4.5-14x40
RRA one piece mount
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Bushmaster Varminter Special, 24 Inch, Stainless Steel Barrel, 1 in 9 twist. finally got around to painting this week after having it for 3 years.

Decided to paint my new rig today.. 5 shades of brown/tan and some OD.. I used some mesh, pine branches, etc..




I may add an FDE stock, PG, and MBUS set..
From left to right

1. DPMS 204 ruger 24" bull aero precision upper and lower
Burris 6.5-20

2. Bought this one. Rock River 20" predator pursuit
Burris 4.5-14

3. DPMS 223 16" bull aero precision upper spikes lower
Trijicon acog

4. DPMS 223 16" bull aero precision upper spikes lower
Bushnell 3-9

5. DPMS 223 16" light contour aero P upper plum crazy lower
Bushnell 3-9

6. Not pictured, spikes stripped lower
Last one I swear

It's a disease
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Here's a picture of my AR, its my first one! Red-x upper with 16" bull and a plum crazy lower. Looking to get a new scope, this one doesn't fit me the best. Overall, I love the rifle. The whole package was only $775 with scope and tax.

Can't wait to take down my first coyote with it!

Here is the rifle that I built.

- Bushmaster 5.56x45 20” Predator upper with a heavy barrel and free-float tube
- Bushmaster A2 stock
- Florida Arms Maufacturing Co. lower receiver with a DPMS lower parts kit (7+ lbs trigger, mind you)
- Magpul MOE pistol grip
- Simmons 3x9 x40 scope