Post Pics Of Your Hunting/Predator/Varmit AR Here !!

My 9 year old thinks he's ready to put some fur on the ground this year so we decided he needed a calling rifle. Of course, when I gave him a choice of AR or bolt action, he went with the AR. Anyway, this is what we came up with and he's pretty stoked.


I took one of my old 3 gun uppers and went after the stainless barrel and tube with Brownell's Alumahyde paint (good stuff) to dull it up a bit and added a Vortex PST 2.5-10x44 in a LaRue mount.

The lower is a UT Arms with a JP trigger, Ergo grip and ACS-L. I still might change out the comp so it's not so loud and possibly add an offset Burris Fast fire.

I think I might see if he'll let me borrow up.

This is my RRA Varmint with a nikon 4.5x14 mildot, harris pods and a wicked light. I am shooting 52gr A-Max over 25gr of 322, and will hopefully get to try it out on a yote soon
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This is what my Bushmaster Varminter looked like when I bought it:



Since then I've installed a Vortex Viper 4-16x50mm scope on a Burris P.E.P.R. cantilever mount and a Fulton Armory stainless bull 24" barrel. Next step will be a camo finish.
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I started building a heavy varmit rifle and instead went light-er weight....The upper is a Sportical I bought here in the classifieds, 16" light 1/9 barrel, Lavang comp, mid-length free float tube, Ace Skeleton stock, DPMS trigger group, Mueller 4-14x and a Noveske "chainsaw" lower. Sportical upper on a Noveske lower...FrankenAR.


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Stock Bushmaster Varminter 24 inch barell, 6-18 Leuy Mark AR, Varmint Al's Bifur Pod (highly recomended).
306 yards, Fiocchi 50 gr VMAX (highly recommended)
Originally Posted By: Big SneakyRRA PP 16". Vortex Viper 4-16x50, Burris PEPR mount, PRS stock. Done up in a little duracoat.

nice rig, u do the duracoat yourself?
Yes sir, I did. Used the shake and spray kit. Laid out broom bristles and shot the gray onto the coyote tan base coat. I think it turned out good. Now I have two more I'm going to do this winter.
Rock River Hunter WYL-Ehide Finish Nikon buckmaster 4.5-14-40(bdc. Was not crazy about the finish at first but its growing on me.

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My RRA 16" Varmint


My 300Blk that I threw together recently for deer season. Suppressor is NY State pinned/welded fake. 30 rd Pmag is NY state 10rd shortened pinned and epoxied. Love where I live, can do without the BS laws.