Post Pics Of Your Hunting/Predator/Varmit AR Here !!



Built this one last year, rock river upper and lower, dpms 204 ruger barrel, timney trigger, ace stock, jp handguard and scope riser, Nikon monarch scope. Still hasn't dropped anything more than a few crows but I'm sure itl get the job done here soon!
Here's my 16" S&W upper. Separated the original complete S&W M&P15, registered the lower as an SBR.

Trijicon ACOG TA33G-H. Tried getting a decent picture of the reticle, but it isn't happening.

Different style that most dedicated hunters, as I come from the 'tactical' side of the street, but it the I use for (so far unsuccessful) coyote and varmint hunts.

Not as impressive as some of the others on here but [beeep] proud to own one in these controversial times.

Bushmaster Carbine in.223 with Green XLR 250 kill light mounted on a dual rail attached to the tower.

Although I have shot coyotes over bait and coming to the call I mainly use it when chasing coyotes with hounds. It is fast paced and at times in some brutal weather so the option of the scope and open sights is handy to have.I have shot coyotes from 15 paces away to 220 paces.


Grim Reaper Tactical lower (Local Custom Shop) DPMS upper reciever, young national match grade chrome BCG w side charger, 18" dpms Mini SASS barrel, RRA 2-stage trigger, Grim Reaper forearm, VX-1 3x9. All the body work was also done at Grim Reaper. Great guys down there!!! just got in for a billet lower at the shop.
Originally Posted By: fur-downHow do you add pics i use my smart phone to get on P/M
I am not sure if you can upload pics to here from your phone but I could be wrong. I use photobucket for my image hosting.

Good luck

One Rock River Arms(RRA).223 Coyote Carbine, Burris P.E.P.R. Scopemount, Nikon M-223 Scope, Topped with a Burris Fast Fire III, One 55 Grain Hornady V-Max round, Fox Pro Fury, Mojo Decoy, Primos Trigger Stick = One less deer killer