Post Pics Of Your Hunting/Predator/Varmit AR Here !!

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One Rock River Arms(RRA).223 Coyote Carbine, Burris P.E.P.R. Scopemount, Nikon M-223 Scope, Topped with a Burris Fast Fire III, One 55 Grain Hornady V-Max round, Fox Pro Fury, Mojo Decoy, Primos Trigger Stick = One less deer killer

i like your set up
Originally Posted By: GooseGreaseWhat am I looking at here Gunn-Fighter? Is that a battery pack mounted on the barrel?

It's a laser, I believe.

Gunn-Fighter, TNVC, monolock I believe what's called. It works well on the AR platform, but useless on a bolt gun since you can't rack another shell due to the bolt hitting the monolock.

YH 243, thank you. I've had the '14 for a few years, I actually have two '14's. The AR is fairly new.
Sig Sauer M400 .223
xlr 250 kill light
barska 6-24x50
1/7 twist
more of a tactical rifle but is still very accurate and does the trick!
Thinking of painting it a camo pattern.. Should I do it? Im pretty artistic and I have a lot of ideas but I dont know if I wanna change the black beauty

My baby.....


You can read an article I wrote about it HERE

Parts List

Upper Receiver: Vltor MUR
Lower Reciever: Saber Tactical
Bolt: FailZero
Charging Handle: Vltor BCM Gunfighter Mod 3 Large
Barrel: Krieger AR-15 Varmatch 26” with a 1-12 twist
Gas Block: PRI Low Profile .936”
Stock: MagPul PRS
Grip: MagPul MIAD
Trigger: Jewell
Scope: Nightforce 5.5-22 x 56mm NX with a NP-1 Reticle
Scope Mount: Nightforce Unimount 1.375”
Handguard: Daniel Defense Lite Rail 14.0”
Bolt Catch: DPMS with MagPul BAD Lever Extender
Magazine Release: DPMS
Magazine: Magpul 20-Round Pmag with 5 round limiter
Bipod Adapter: DoubleStar Picatinny


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Originally Posted By: gunn-fighterSuperSeal110, I cant find that adapter anywhere, If you get a line on one let me know, ive looked all over TNVC

I looked too and can't find it either. I got this mount about 3-4yrs ago from the ex for my birthday gift. She order it through TNVC.

It came with a handful of different couplers to fit on different scope eye pieces. I think it was right around $180. The design is okay, but could be approved on and make it more slim line to work on a bolt gun.

I'd hit up TNVC on here since he's a sponsor, or call him to ask about a PVS14 universal coupler system from tnvc and see if they still make it.

I did do a google search and there is a monolock, but it's $450! OUCH!

Fill me in on what you find out.
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Hope to have pics of my new AR this weekend waiting on barrel . I have a black rain upper and lower , ubr stock, JP stainless BCG , VTAC handgaurd , jewel trigger , houge grip , and 20" carbon fiber .936 204 ruger barrel.
Predator AR I built last month, even with the current market I never once payed an inflated price. Shoots nice tight groups(out to 300yds, as far as I shot with it) with Hornady 55gr VMAX, going to drop some song dogs with it this coming week(well...atleast try lol). My first post on here, been browsing around here for awhile though lol.
RRA Predator Pursuit 16" 223 Wylde
Young MFG Chrome National Match Bolt carrier group
BCM Gunfighter Charging handle

Nikon P223 3-9x40 on Warne QD rings, very impressed with the scope, the BDC's are dead on using Nikon Spot on calculator.

Spikes Tactical Lower
Timney 3lb Trigger
PSA Lower parts kit
Magpul FDE MOE stock, trigger guard and grip
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no pics, but mine is a factory stock 20" rra predator pursuit with 4-12 scope. some fine looking yote rifles in this thread.
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