Post Pics Of Your Hunting/Predator/Varmit AR Here !!

Here is mine. It is just a 16inch Bushmaster XM15 ORC with a soon to be replaced cheap scope and a Diamondhead 13 inch free float tube. Everything else is stock.

My POF 415 11H 5.56/.223 coyote killer with a Vortex PST 4-16x50 FFP MOA. I also run a Wicked 400 light on this but took it off for the pictures. Hopefully she will be suppressed soon.


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Coltbill, how do you like the FFP vs the SFP? Does the enlarged reticle get in the way for you? seriously looking at the 6-24x50 for my 30-06.
Once you go FFP, you will never go back. It does not get in my way whatsoever and with it being illuminated, those long range night hunting shots are a breeze.
Now this is a good photograph. I love the back ground. Simple and natural. Great job. Nice rifle too.

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The top one is a S&W M/P 16" barrel with a Leupold Illuminated 1-5X20 scope.
Next is my Bushmaster Varminter Fluted 24" barrel with a Leupold 6-20X56 scope.Love em both.

AR Five Seven upper/lower
20" Colt Chrome lined Comp Barrel
Magpul PRS Stock
SE 8-32X50 illuminated Osprey Range Finder Reticle

BTW it's sitting one of my homemade ghillie suits made form my old military uniforms.
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Just put this together to start coyote hunting this year. Bushmaster 5.56/.223, Nikon Coyote Special Scope 3-9, Nikon 1 piece M223 mount, Surefire Rail System.

Eventually it'll get a barrel change and trigger upgrade, but not this year.


Dtech 6x45, Gen 1 scope (ATN Spartan 410), Eagle Tac T100C2 and Luna illuminators.

Bushmaster M4 A3 .223, Duracoat

I finished up this 6.8 SPC rig last night. The hydro dipper screwed up the camo pattern/color though

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