Post Pics Of Your Hunting/Predator/Varmit AR Here !!

My 6.8 with 16" Wilson Light Weight Hunter Barrel (hog staulking rig) and a VXR 1.25-4 Scope


My 200-500yd calling and range rig using same upper:

Spikes Lower with 3lb Skeletonized Timney Trigger, Magpul CTR Stock, Mil Spec Buffer Spring and Tube with Spike ST-T2 Buffer

6.8 SPC with Wilson Combat 16" Lightweight Hunter Barrel, Wilson Combat ACCU-TAC Flash Hider, AMD QR Mount , 3-9x40 Accupoint and Hogue Handgaurd (forgot what the upper receiver is):

Originally Posted By: The_machinist Ar photo
Ar photo

Not sure if I did this correct but here is mine.
Bushmaster Carbon 15
Put a new quad rail on her and looking at a longer barrel.

Try it again lol
My new LWRCI M6 IC SPR. You got to love tax time!
It has a Vortex PST 1-4x24
MAMABA combat sling
have magpul forward grip and on the way
kill light attached.


My new 14.5" POF P415, STR magpul stock, larue LT104 mount, and a Leupold 4.5x14 fine duplex target scope, 30mm tube with a 50mm bell
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Great rig! I just recently started hunting coyote and am looking for some partners to go with! Arizona has so many yotes, I need someone to go with. Let me know if anyone would be interested/
very nice fellas...very nice.

Meet GearHead.

Tac Innovations lower
Giessle DMR
Mark 4 in a LT-104

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My first build!
Spikes lower
Magpul ACS-L
UTG buffer
SAA 1:8 16" mid length nickel boron BCG upper
Burris MTAC 1-4x24/ pepr

I have plans to free float it at some point. I gotta say it's pretty addicting to build one! My next one is already being planned!
Originally Posted By: Infidel 762A-TACS Arid Urban

Yep, that's what my go-to camo is. I'd love to get the AR's cerakoted but I want the whole thing, which means they need an FFL. Haven't found that yet.