Post Pics Of Your Hunting/Predator/Varmit AR Here !!

300 AAC Blackout

These are my latest two builds. The first one is had a RRA upper, lower, and bcg paired up with a Wilson 24" fluted barrel, Magpul stock & a Strike Industries Strike rail. It's a solid 1/2 MOA gun with 62 gr American Eagle. Haven't tried the good stuff yet. The second gun is an AR10 6.5 creedmoor build. Pretty much the best of everything went into this gun. Ascend Armory Match Billet Receiver set, JP Low Mass Bolt Carrier with JP HP bolt, JP silent capture spring, Draco's 22" barrel, Area 419 Sidewinder brake, Fortis Switch Rail & Mapul PRS stock. It's been shooting .30-.45" inch groups at 100yds with Hornady 143gr ELD-X ammo. Headed to Kansas to bird & coyote hunt in November. I hope to stretch the legs of the 6.5 out there.



The 6.5 now has high end glass on it. Athlon Cronus BTR 4.5-29X56.


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20180922_081045 by Cookie1125, on Flickr

When I first bought this rifle it was a DPMS Lo-Pro Classic. This past spring I bought a Bear Creek Arsenal upper and sold the old DPMS upper. The upper is a 24in fluted barrel in .223 Wylde 1:8 twist 15in Keymod handgaurd. I have a 4-12x40mm Bushnell on it at the moment but thinking of going with something else when I get some money to do so.
Here is my very old and heavy Bushmaster Varminter. I switch between this and my 22-250. I would not get rid of this tack driving machine ever....
My latest and slowest project. Been tinkering with this for about 6yrs now. 80% lower with RRA parts kit and NM 2 stage trigger. Magpul CTR buttstock and ergo grip. YHM quad rail forearm with Magpul covers, RRA upper receiver, Shilen 9 twist barrel in 17rem, Magpul Pmags and front QD sling attachment. Form 1 suppressor 8" length with stepped cones and spacers for 22CF and under, has threaded end caps and direct thread attachment in 304L stainless. Kies adjustable gas block. ATN 4K 3x-14x in UTG QD rings, QD light attachment, XLR 250 kill light upgraded to 850nm IR bulb with tailcap switch mounted in Velcro on forearm. Coyote tan cerakote and black cerakote on can. Running 25gr. Hornady HP's around 3600fps with H322. Still debugging her but really close to getting a kill with it. Just sighted it in last night with the new scope.

My first AR10 chambered in 243. My heavy log consists of an AR Stoner upper 22” barrel with a 1 in 9 twist, Aero M5 lower, cmc 2.5lb single stage trigger, 10 round P Mag, fluted thread protector, scorpion X2 grip, Warne 20 MOA base, and a Nikon Prostaff 5 3.5x14 40 mm BDC optic. The buttstock I ordered from bushmaster/Remington. It was the stock they used on the 450 bushmaster and for some reason discontinued it. I ordered a Midwest industries Harris bi pod adaptor for it today. I need to get out one of these days and actually pull the trigger on it.



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these are my latest varmint/hunting/prairie dog builds.

first one is an AR15 it has:

Aero Precision upper/lower and 15'' handguard
24'' criterion stainless bull barrel
Geissel SSA-E trigger with Aero lpk
Magpul PRS gen3 stock
Hogue grip
the scope is a BSA 8-32x44 built in Japan by Hakko.



next one is an AR10 in 308 win

Aero Precision M5 upper/lower and 15'' handguard
22'' nitrided stainless criterion hybrid barrel
Larue MBT2 trigger and Aero lpk
Armalite buffer tube with tubs flat wire spring and H3 buffer
Magpul stock with limbsaver pad and Hogue grip
meopta meostar R1 4-16x44 diamond mil-dot scope in Leupold mount.


another AR10 also in 308 win

Aero upper/lower and utg 15'' handguard
20'' mega arms nitrided stainless barrel with SLR adjustable gas block
hiperfire 24E trigger and Aero lpk
Armalite buffer tube and Tubbs flat wire spring and H3 buffer
Magpul stock with limbsaver pad and Hogue grip
Weaver 3-12x50 grand slam scope with ebx reticle in Warne mount.


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