Post Pics Of Your Hunting/Predator/Varmit AR Here !!

Pair of RRA's
"wish I had a digital camera so I could post pics to,"

You don't need a digital camera. Just get a CD of your pics when you have them developed.

alright, my turn to play. I always like checking out everyone stick when i get to a new forum. It's like a big wiener measuring contest where no one loses

after the "final" furniture

Some custom Desert Sand Cerakote

A lil more artistic

100m recycled target (I'm cheap)

200m Box target (I'm poor)

397m West River SD management Buck

Management Hunt VIDEO!
i did a Barbie AR for a friend of mine's daughter, turned out good in pink and white with a Barbie water decal. very nice. here is one that i built for Veterans Motocycle Club a few years back. notice coyote paw prints on the brick wall in pic 2! this was the old house. I miss that place.

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This was my first build and has crushed yotes out to around three hundred yds..Love it, and thinkin about my next baby.

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nice stick Deathcry, when you painted it, did you spray through a screen? Have not tried that yet. reminds me of when cars were "laced" sprayed through actual lace. looked bad arse.
I thought dead stuff HAD to be in the pic, or it was just another Assault Rifle picture

I bought my first & second AR this year. The one that goes in the woods is a plain jane RRA predator pursuit. Burris mount, Luepy scope. Throws 60gr v-max into nice little groups.

Anyway… here is a few pics of my AR HUNTING rifle with a quick description of how the 60's preformed.


Nasty knogg'n hit-DRT

Bad entrance no exit-DRT

Pin in Bad exit-DRT

Pin in, no exit-Spun and then down
Originally Posted By: xcriderI guess I'm a D-Tech guy.
Top is a camo 204 1:10 Shilen Jewell 2 stage, middle is a 223 1:12 Shilen RR 2 stage and bottom a 223 1:8 Oly SUM Jewell 2 stage that now sports a Magpul collapsable stock.


xcrider...what brand are the scope ring/mounts on the top two AR's in this pic...or anyone else know? Thanks.
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Originally Posted By: Recko555Off topic but........
AR doesn't stand for assault rifle. We need to let other people know so we can take the negative connotation away from our black guns.

who cares what other people think, Armalite or Assault Rifle, you aint changin libs minds by sayin my black gun's not an assault rifle, its a label they already have seared into their minds of mush... you think when an anti looks @ my SR-25 they're gonna know the SR stands for Stoner Rifle not Sniper Rifle??? just sayin, i got lots of AR's and to me they are all assault rifles, i assault yotes daily with mine.

Deerslayer, no picture, looks more like a link to me...

Here is another one I did for a customer..

Finally got to pick up my first AR-15 .223 from my local FFL today and threw my scope & bipod on it. Its a Del-Ton Lower with a DPMS Upper with a Stainless 20" Match barrel 1:8 Twist