Post Pics Of Your Hunting/Predator/Varmit AR Here !!

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Well, that's by far is the coolest paint job I've seen! Hands down!

I'll second that.
Heres my 18" i built my self Its a Dpms lower with a Chip McCormick trigger the upper is a Les Bher without the foward assist and brass deflector the barrel is a Hart service rifle contour, a JT aluminum free float tube and a JP Cooley comp.the scope in this pic is a 3 to 9 X40 Leupold but i put a 4 to 16 x 44 Shepared on it to day It will shoot 1/2" with a decent load. I also have a 16" Hbar but i couldent find a pic of it.

Armalite AR-30 300 win mag. Leupold Mark 4 6.5-20
Dtech 243 wssm. Leupold Mark 4 4.5-14 (Olympic upper, dpms lower)
Dtech 223. Leupold VX-III 8.5-25 (Smith N Wesson upper, lower)

From the top: Shilen barreled 204 Ruger with 18 power Shepherd, Hart barreled 1-8 twist 243 ar10 with jp brake and B&L Balvar 24 power, my old pre 94 ban Colt Hbar with a new ff tube and gas block with 18 power Shepherd, Dpms 223 1-8 with Tactical Machine lower and 18 power Shepherd, and S&W Optics Ready carbine with YH ff tube and 10 power Shepherd. Also shown with my custom brass catchers.

just put the first rounds down the tube yesterday.
Bushmaster Pred. wearing leupy 4.5-14x40 mk4 in a LaRue qt104 and all decked out in "you can't see me"



RRA Predator Pursuit
bead blasted barrel
Badger Tactical latch
Hogue free float tube
Magpul PRS stock
Versa-pod bipod.
Nikon Coyote Special 4.5-16x40
Warne QD rings

Got the scope mounted today. Not sure if I like the positioning, I will have to shoot it and see if I want to try a cantilever mount.


Michigan whitetail with a 6.8 SPC

Rabbit with a 22lr converison bolt.

Have killed lots and lots of p-dogs with AR's but I guess I dont an pictures of them on photobucket.