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I know that this topic has been covered, but it has been coming up quite a bit lately from new members as well as seasoned members.

I would like to walk through the steps necessary to post pictures to a Forum, Topic or Reply

First of all, you need to use a picture hosting site like Imgur or Flickr. Some of us used Photobucket in the past, but Photobucket decided to lock those of us out who had pictures on there unless you pay them. So unfortunately I don't use them anymore and I won't pay for pictures that were mine in the first place. Oh well.

You create your topic in the forum that you have chosen, and write up what you want to discuss or your reply if you are replying to someone's post.

Then you go and find the pic that you want to put in the post or reply.

From Imgur you can click on the "copy" button next to the picture on the block called "BB Code" and copy the BB code. You can also select the size of the photo at the bottom of the page.


Then paste the BB code into your Topic or post.

You also have the choice of using HTML. At the bottom of your post or reply you will see this button. If you click it a drop down menu appears which allows you to select BB code, HTML or HTML and BB code. If you select BB code then you must use the BB code to get your image to show up. If you try to paste an HTML into your post or reply then it will simply show up as the pasted link and not as the actual image.


You can hit the Preview Post or Preview Reply button at the bottom to see what your post and pic will look like.

Flickr works in much the same way. Find the photo you want to share. Click on it. Then find the share icon at the bottom right.

flickr share by Jason Mosler, on Flickr

Click on the share icon, select BB code and copy the BB code. You can also decide what size the photo will be when you put it in your post or reply by clicking the drop down underneath the BB code. Then paste the BB code into your post or reply. You can preview it by clicking on the preview post or preview reply button.

bb code select flick by Jason Mosler, on Flickr

If you are still having trouble you can pm me or Stu Farish or any of the Moderators or Directors for assistance.

I hope this helps.


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