Prairie dog pups 2023


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Anyone seeing any prairie dog pups yet? I usually start seeing them around here the last day or two of April or the first part of May. As of today, May 15, I have yet to see any pups at all. It has been a much cooler spring so far for this area, but pretty dry as well. I figure the weather and drought conditions are probably to blame. What are some of the rest of you guys seeing?
Pretty dry??? I'm in your area pretty regularly, I hope you have enough bales stacked. Last week was good though.
Driving to SC KS a month ago I saw lots of pups out in a few towns that are right off the highway. Those folks (my dad) are claiming it's dry there. It's like a rain forest compared to where I'm at. And we look like a swamp compared to to Monument.

Did you get any rainfall like Colby and Gem got?
We had about 1.25"-1.50" at the house and pastures. a neighbor west of us had .75", so no, nothing like Colby and Gem had. But, it has got the grass started. IF we can get a little more over the next couple weeks I may not have to sell any more cows, but who knows.

The short grass makes it easier to see and shoot prairie dogs is what I'm telling my self right now.
Anybody in southwest Colorado care to comment on the situation around Nucla/Naturita? My trigger finger is sure gettin itchy, haven't been there since 2019.
Wrong side of the state but pups are out in force in SE Colorado. makes a heck of a lot of fun when you get a few of them huddled up on top of a hole!