Predator and Prey (New Artwork)


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It has been a while since I've posted any new artwork. So it's time for me to turn over a new leaf and get busy! Here are some brandy-new gold scratch board drawing originals. Just PM me for purchasing details if interested. Even if you aren't interested in buying I hope y'all will enjoy the drawings.

I have had this design in my head for a while and really enjoyed creating this mountain lion drawing. All the drawings are 8.5"x11". The cost of this particular original is $175.00, plus $5.00 for shipping anywhere in the United States.

For those of you that enjoy a little big game hunting between your predator hunts here are a couple mule deer. These two originals are only $150.00 each, plus $5.00 shipping and handling.

Bedded buck with cheaters. This is based off an actual buck that is alive and well in Utah.

Standing big typical muley. Nothing better than a big clean typical mule deer to get the blood rushing during deer season out West.
These are all very nice...but that cat is killer!!!
I really like the expression on the face, very realistic!
You've done well sir!
If I only had 1/1000th of your talent Troy!

All are gorgeous, but that bedded buck really does it for me.

Very well done sir!
Thanks guys. Hopefully someone from Predatormasters will open up their wallet and do some buying. While I did show these pictures on another site or two they were not listed for sale. is the first site that I posted all three drawings together and listed them for sale. I don't expect any of them to last real long, but I'd be willing to bet that mountain lion will move extra fast. First come first serve, so hope folks don't wait too long around here. After a week I will release them on the rest of the hunting or art related sites that I am a sponsor. Either way the drawings should all have a new home before too long.

These are some GREAT drawings. My mother was the artist and writer in my family, but her talents never came my way.

Each one of us can have rewards and success in our lives. The only time we truly fail in life is when we do not try!
Yes, I am jelous! I cannot even draw stick-figures! Months from retirement, I just do not have the $$ to buy such "works-of-art!

They will sell!