Predator eyes deer determent?

If it works at all, my guess is that after the new wears off and the deer get used to it, it won't bother them at all. Kind of like putting an owl decoy to keep birds away. It's not too long before the birds become accustomed to it and the decoy lost any effectiveness it might have had.
Things I have tried,: moth balls, ammonia, talc powder, human hair, fox urine, electric fence, fishing line, motion alarm, bottle rockets, guard dogs, hot peppers, and many other things. They get used to it after a couple weeks and figure away around.
The farms we shoot for have those things. I had to ask what they were cause all i could see is a faint red light across the way.
Seen deer eating peanuts under them the night after they put them out. So they might work for a few minutes but if there is food there, just about nothing is goin to stop them.
I hate to burst your bubble. But....
If there was ANYTHING, I repeat ANYTHING affordable, that worked as a deer, hog, rabbit, snake, repellent (pick the nuisance) the maker/inventor would get rich quick.
There is no gadget, scent, owl decoy, that works consistently well long term. If there was farmers, ranchers, etc. would be using it.
Yea, I have to side with all the nah sayers... this thing is just silly... 10-15 years ago trail cameras had a bright, white light flash every 30 seconds to a minute and few shyed away...

Farmers around here use propane cannons that go off periodically, sounding like gunfire to keep migratory flocks of cranes off crop fields. Might not be a very good solution for use in a garden, esp if you have neighbors within ear shot