putting glass on a RPR


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so i finally added a bolt gun to my toybox. went with the RPR in creedmore, for better or worse. the guns already bought, so that part is a "is what it is" thing at this point. it fit my price point well and its a chassis that feels reasonably familiar, so should be a relatively easy transition.

looking at a Venom 5-25x56 (34mm) for the optic.

i'm assuming i'm going to need close to AR style mount as far as optic height goes, but wanted to touch base and get some more knowledge before i pull the trigger on that part of this setup.

vortex has their precision matched rings with a 1.45" (base to center optic height). will this be enough to get into a comfortable optic height with this platform? my concern is being too low.

any feedback will be very helpful

I looked at a bunch of these all set up and most have the objective bell about 1/4-3/8" above the hand guard. I'd use two rings instead of an AR style mount to spread the rings as far.apart as.posible and use a.set of tactical style rings with 6 screw caps and a.heavy clamp bolt.

As far as.scopes go, that is a.personal.decision, I've never dealt with high end Vortex scopes so no help there, never cared for Viper and below.
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My buddy runs a one piece base on his RPR. He uses the Leupold base, but said if he did it again he would go with a one piece Warne, which is what I run on multiple guns now. You shouldn't have any problems of being too low with a 0 MOA base. RPR is set up just like an AR with how rail and optic sit in relation to your eyes. Crapshoot gives a good example in his picture. As for optic, I don't have any hands-on experience with the Venom, but to get all the features that scope has at that price point would be difficult to do and have good glass, so just be aware. I also haven't cared for anything Vortex from Viper line down from my own experience. Burris, Leupold, Sig Sauer, German Precision Optics I have all currently and am very happy.
Originally Posted By: crapshootMine is a 20moa base with an arken sh4 scope.

My buddy runs a 20 MOA base as well, just for the fact he put it on a gun that was capable of really reaching out there, so he figured might as well make the optic capable of doing the same. I run a 0 MOA base since I have 90 MOA of adjustment (almost) in my scope.
Originally Posted By: Plant.OneYou added a 20 moa base to the existing 20 moa rail that comes with it?

If you are talking to me, the rimfire comes with a 0moa rail.
Originally Posted By: crapshootOriginally Posted By: Plant.OneYou added a 20 moa base to the existing 20 moa rail that comes with it?

If you are talking to me, the rimfire comes with a 0moa rail.

Ahhh gotcha.

The Creedmoor comes with a 20 moa rail.

That's why i was confused
so maybe i didnt explain well in my first post - my big concern is getting the optic height right - relative to the human eye - more importantly not coming in too low

the venom is here, so time will prove the optic itself.

just want the mount to be as ideal height as i can.
so to bring things up to date a bit

the vortex precision matched 1.45" ring height

just a smidge lower than i'm used to on my ar's, however the optic height is suitable - but i would not recommend attempting it without low profile hearing protection.

got the first 100-ish rounds down the barrel a few weeks back after getting my membership with the Howell Gun Club finalized and the initial round of load development with the hornady 140 eldm sent down range.

the batch of starline brass i picked up was very consistent when i checked the trim length after doing a normalizing pass thru my FL dies to make sure the necks were trued up, OAL varience was +/- 0.0015 of recommended trim length.

best group measures in the 0.6xx range at the moment, with several others being sub MOA.

more to follow as i get some more trigger time into this rifle. i'll be getting some chrono data next round that i'm comfortable enough to put the can on and that i'm getting good stability.