Queen Elizabeth (borrowed)


We'll always remember her sense of humor and that beautiful smile

I was on Guard of Honour, waiting for the King of Saudi Arabia, on Horseguards.

On the right flank; Scots Guard (100 guardsmen) a gap, HM The Queen; mounted in uniform alongside her the CO Colonel Gerald, another gap, then on the left flank, the Queen’s Company Grenadier Guards (100guardsmen).

We’re stood at ease waiting.

Suddenly the silence was broken by Colonel Gerald’s charger erupting with horse farts at full volume for two minutes.

Embarrassed and staring straight ahead Colonel Gerald says, “Sorry about that your Majesty!”

She replies, in a wonderful voice, “That’s alright Gerald, . . . I thought it was your horse!”

200 guardsmen silently cried with laughter, and tapped their rifle butts on the gravel.

From that moment, every man there adored her!