Question, Has anyone here had a chance to compare the Titanium Varminter 3.0


Anyone had a chance to compare the Titanium Varminter 3.0 to other models already out there? Possibly only the guys to work with this may be the guys over at MacBrothers, She is pretty fresh on the market

My top concern is the direct threaded Titanium silencer threads to the steel barrel. Not saying this is a problem, though I do have concerns over the diffrence in thermal expansion between the female titanium threaded body and the male steel barrel threads.

If I understand things correctly the Industry has been attaching titanium silencers in exactly this fashion for some time now. So are my concerns unfounded?

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If your weapon is threaded correctly you will not have any problem. Oh and use common sense.
I have a titanium Thunder Beast, 5/8x24 thread. Put 100 round thru it a couple weeks ago. I had to tighten it up once after about 20 round, common sense. Then it was good to go.