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Took out my grandfather’s old .22 rifle and caught some dinner.
Gotta work out posting pics....sorry. Thought I had it. Grrrrr
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Rabbit hunting holds fond memories even though I don't do it anymore. We used to have beagles, and running them in the snow was a great time.

Looking forward to the photos once you get it figured out.

That is for sure an old .22 and no doubt gave a lot of pleasure in hunting with your grandfather’s gun.
Man, that looks tasty. Makes me want to take the kids out into the desert to see if we can rustle up a few cottontails!

I have never used a snare, but lately I have been looking at various triggers on Youtube. Good to know some survival skills. What kind of line are you using, and trigger if any?
I don’t use triggers. I suspend the fine wire snare over an existing run, or what appears to be a run. I’m waiting for an inch of snow to locate the runs better. I may not be on an active run, just looks like it. Snow should improve my catch. I have an idea to improve my catch as well by designing a different setup. Should get snow by next week up here in Minnesota.
When I was a kid rabbits were a staple in our house in the winter. My dad would run box traps on his way home from work and I had a string of snares in the neighborhood.

On the weekends my dads buddies from work would get together and hunt rabbit in the wood lots, my job was to climb up on the brush piles and jump up and down on them to flush the rabbits out for the guys, pretty heady stuff for a young kid.

When I got old enough to drive my buddy and I would ski in to hunt rabbits, that pretty much left the landscape to just us, which led to hunting fox for bounty and feral dogs for the game warden.

Dad would give me a nickel a rabbit which kept me in 22 shells, they had a big bowl of them in the hardware store for a penny each. When we ran out of shells we'd follow rabbit tracks in the snow until they burrowed in to keep warm and just flop down on the snow pinning them in and digging them out with our hands. If the conditions were just right, bitter cold after a heavy snow it could get pretty interesting our best day was seven rabbit in 4 hours for the two of us.

Then there were snowshoe rabbits. My hunting partner and I would avidly pursue them. I carried a rifle and him a shotgun. If we didn't kill one we flushed I would get on the track(we were both on skis) and try and run the rabbit down, sometimes I'd be able to spot the rabbit ahead and shoot him but most of the time it would circle back to near where it flushed and my partner would get them running by. Sometimes it took a couple circles but it was fun.

Rabbit are fun. I've been seeing a few cotton tails while coyote hunting and I think I'll leave the caller home and take the 22.
Used to love rabbit hunting, Started with shotgun growing up. We hunted brush lines and swamps. Then went to 22 and stalking them in the winter. Then to picture hanging wire snares, then to conibears. Now I hardly ever go for them.