Red Fox litter size


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I use to believe age was a guiding factor as too litter size. I no longer believe that is a major factor. Three years ago. My wife met an acreage woman. She only owned the farm sted but not the surrounding land.

On the farm yard is a drive through corn crib. Under that crib lived a female Red Fox who raised her litters. Lady said before we were told about that fox. That fox denned there two yrs prior.

So when we heard about that fox. It was at least 3 years old or older. Anyway that female had 11 kits each time. That last litter was 14. (I have never heard of a Red Fox litter that size. I have seen & found new dens that only had 2 kits, numerous times. One den I observed continual years in a row. Always had 5 kits. That female was at least 2 yrs old or older when I heard about her.

What I believe now is. DNA make-up, not age is the major factor in litter size. Thus a young, female my have a large litter her 1st time.
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