red light for night hunting???


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just asking if anyone has success lately hunting at night with lights? I know thermal and night vision is the way to go. Its so many types on the market its confusing and little expensive. especially if you dont know what you really want. THANKS
Used lights for 8 yrs before PA legalized thermal/night vision in 2020 Killed average 6 per year. Now l shot 78 in the last 23 months. Save up.
thanks jmeddy. yeh thats a big difference when you switched. what do you use? Im not saying I cant buy one. I am going to buy one soon as I figure out which one I want. when I say expensive, I mean its expensive to waste a few thousand and the product is not what I want. been doing some research but getting mixed reviews. Its gonna be a thermal unit when I buy. aslo need a hand held. THANKS your money..if it takes 3 years-so be your research and if possible physically handle and hunt with someone that has a thermal.
You can take many members words here because won't get the great info you can get HERE anywhere else. Many here go above and beyond helping out.

Also used red lights due to PAs law... killed between 5(starting) and 35(most) a year for a while...Once you get a system down and some good properties lined up you can kill some to keep the cycle.
Still use a hogster r25 for scanning.
1st bought a hogster 35 for the gun then upgraded to a super hogster because of longer sightings and shot opportunities that thermal creates. Just sold it and bought a Thermion xg50 thanks to the heads up of a sale from Kino on here.
I will always be a bolt gun guy and just like the gun attachment of a tube style optic.
I have had a couple issues with the different Berings but they were taken care of by Bering in a timely manner--even as far as replacing the SH at my request.
I used red lights for years. IMO foxes and bobcats are not too bothered by a red light. It was actually pretty exciting to see those glowing eyes come bouncing in.
Coyotes are definitely a lot more light shy. I have had coyotes spook off from the glow of an IR illuminator if that gives you an idea of how alert a coyote is. If you want to kill coyotes you will be a lot better off to use thermal.
Like jmeddy my kill rate increased 10X with thermal compared to a light.