Rex Silentium MG7 reviews?


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Does anyone have any experience with these? My local gun shop seems very high on them, but I don’t really have a way to give one a test run. I would love some comments from someone who has some experience with them.
Those are made about 2 miles from my home. I’m going to visit the shop sometime in the next few weeks and test one. He shoots at the same club I’m in and is a good guy. I’ve seen his cans and they seem to work pretty well.
Man if you could give a report on them after you used one, I would be very grateful. The cost expense is a big enough pain, but waiting 8 months to figure out I picked the wrong can would really stink. I’ve watched several videos online and people seem to have a favorable opinion of Rex cans, and they’re half the price of the others I was considering. If I like them, I’ll likely buy 2 instead of one.
Well I’ve had the MG7 for a few weeks now. I like it. It’s pretty sweet to come home from shooting pigs without my ears ringing.
I just put a pair of MG7's in jail, a .308 for all the regular .264 and .30 cal stuff and a .358 for the 8.6 BLK build, We shall see how long I have to wait.