Rookie Fur Handling - Rehydrate ?


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Thawed out some tube skinned coyote hides yesterday, then washed them and hung up to dry fur side out on split drying boards. Temps were in 60s-70s and I was worried they might go bad so I used short sticks to hold the hide apart and had a fan on them all night. The bottom part of the hides dried a bit much and have some crackle to them. They’re all in the fridge now while I wait to hear from you guys.

Do I need to rehydrate them before I can flesh them out and how?

All I’m wanting to do with them is get them fleshed out and dried good before sending them off for soft tanning to hang up.

Many thanks
should have fleshed first, then washed, put on the stretcher fur side in. when no longer tacky turn to fur side out and get the fans going on them.