RS75 HD Thermal Thread

That thing(1280) is awesome!
We just went from an ATN night vision to Thermion XG50s. Man is thermal unbeatable when it comes to detection. We have a massive amount of trees, brush, very tall grass etc here in NW MO. The coyote cannon we had on the ATN does a great job of getting good distance, but man it sure can't see through stuff.

My 11 year old and 14 year old just synced up their first double a week or two ago.
They were on their mini kill box, 218 yards, pretty heavy snow.
1...2...BOOOOM! WOP!!!WOP!!!
The shots sounded like one shot but the wops were a split second apart.
I will post a link when ever they get their video production polished up.

Be sure You're subscribed to our YouTube channel and Facebook. We are going to be showing you our drills we practice for synced shots! My goals are 250K subs by next season on YouTube and 100K on our Facebook page!
I'll be posting a few clips here and there from the RS75s now that I'm out all night calving.

This is from my brothers POV he was shooting and I was filming from behind him with the RH25 on my helmet.

Man the idea of that scope is so cool. But I can’t for the life of my figure out why they didn’t do it with higher base mag, a mil reticle and LRF. Would have had a real winner to me.
I believe it would require a fairly large lens with that sensor to get more base mag. There is an ILR-100 included with the package!

I'm excited to see if they can pack that sensor into a helmet scanner. Once you see the clarity, it's all you want to look through.
Don’t get me wrong it looks really good. I just would have thought a solid mil reticle with that scope would be a given since it was marketed as a long range thermal. There are some guys out there making some pretty dang long shots with XRF’s and such and I was hoping this scope would have leant itself to that application a little more. It seems like iray is really going to force other companies to step their game up either way
I don't disagree, although I would never use it as such. If you want designated LR out of a thermal, I would use a Clip on, with a solid day optic that you can dial or hold.
That’s the plan. Unfortunately finding a clip on with a fraction of the clarity of some of these dedicated scopes will cost you an arm and a leg….then you still have to find a rangefinding option. That’s why the hybrid looked interesting but I think its base mag will hurt as a clip on. The iray mate looks cool but we will see what that image looks like compared to some of the other options when it becomes available here. Either way, IRAY is on the right track and it’s just a matter of time before they hit a home run for me lol
I've got a Hybrid, I posted a bunch of clip of videos on my IG stories, pretty dang impressive, BUT it's big and heavy, like adding a whole other optic infront of your, well... Optic.
Here's another synced double we dished out lastnight in our calving lot. They came in pretty hard, then we killed it and let them do their thing slowly, as the wind was light and "variable".

Like I said minimal to no wind that was constantly changing, and it was lightly snowing, temp was at 20F.

Here's a yearling fawn that walked right in front of us about 5 minutes after we killed the two male Coyotes, She walked about 3 yards right past the dead pair.

Thanks for the info Skinney! Is there an option to change the reticle color on those to just white and black? Also, any chance you guys are going to be doing any videos with the Mate?
Originally Posted By: reaper4Thanks for the info Skinney! Is there an option to change the reticle color on those to just white and black? Also, any chance you guys are going to be doing any videos with the Mate?

Anytime brother... Which unit are you regarding when you are asking about reticle colors? The RS or the Hybrid?

Yes on the Mate, I will be doing a bunch of testing with it on my MK5 2-10 and MK5 3.6-18 and seeing how far it's capable regarding precision mid to LR shooting.

I'll start a thread here or be sure and post a video link!