Scope Height with Supressor


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When mounting my scopes low as possible, my suppressor fills the bottom third of the scope on lowest setting?
Schmidt Bender 2.5-15
Swarovski 3-18
20” barrels

Do you guys just ramp up magnification to loose the suppressor and suppressor cover in the glass?
Kinda annoying …
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I see barrels, front sights, hand guards on a lot of my rifles with 1-4 and 1.5-6 set on the lowest powers. You see that but they are never in the way of killing game. It is something you have to get used to if you want to take advantage of the large FOV(fast target acquisition) on the lower power settings.
Same as AWS. I do see the can in the bottom of the scope but it doesn't hurt anything and just comes with the territory of a really wide field of view - or, with a long barrel.
Thx guys, I never had an issue on my AR’s mainly because they sit higher.
Yep, your right, I can ignore it
These newest scopes , (2.5x and 3x) I’ve got are lower power than what I’ve used before (4.5-14 and 6-24 power)
The larger FOV is worth it for aging eyes [beeep]

Right about 4X I have a clear FOV
Basically all of my hunting rifles now are 16" barrel, suppressed, lpvo. Scopes almost always on 1x. Yeah i can see my cans, but it doesnt bother me at all. I can see how a longer barrel with a suppressor would be annoying at 1x, possibly covering the crosshairs. Everything is a compromise in some way. For me, if im using a can, its a 16" barrel. So even a 1x scope isnt an issue, the end of the can is well below the crosshairs.