Sewing up a dog? Tips, pics advice.

Hog hunters around here staple them up. One of the local vets sells them a tranquilizer that they use a couple of drops of to calm them dowm. Valley vet supply is where I order my horse meds. Much cheaper than local.
Old cowboy trick:

Carry a small hooked carpet needle in your hat if you can't get one from medical supply, with some strands of horse hair around your cap. When we were lion hunting, often a cat would take a swipe at a dog, a mule would stomp a dog, or dogs just get to fighting when the cat was bayed. Sewed up dog got a mule ride back to the truck, plenty of meds back at the ranch.

Once we "treed" two cats on top of a large rock, one big tom jumped off in the middle of 6 dogs, dogs ended up a mess with one dead and another ruined. Two of the mules were trying to get into the fight also, boxing with their front feet like you could never imagine. I had a little mare pack mule that was only 14 hands tall and she was bound and determined to kill that cat, all dogs, and anything else that got in her way. You just never know what is going to happen in a situation like this.

If you love your dogs, have a med kit to take care of them, good vets are great in helping with this. Prevention is cheap, infection is very, very expensive and time consuming. You also should be prepared to doctor each other, especially when you are a long ways in the middle of no where.

Life happens, take care of your dogs and each other!

Sam's Club is cheaper than a lot of vet supply companies depending on what you are ordering.
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