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Originally Posted By: skinneyAs long as the "legal" owner is present.

I could be wrong here, but I think it would only be legal if the can was purchased under a trust. That is one of the benefits of going through a trust as opposed to an individual purchase.

But I could be mistaken......
I've let a ton of my friends handle, and shoot my suppressors, they are not in my trust, as long as you have your approved form 4, and you are present with your friend, you are good to go...

How many of you fellas have went to a machine gun shoot? You ever see one? I bet 99.9% of the fellas doing mag dumps on the owners platform aren't in any way shape or form affiliated with an NFA trust of that weapon.
What Skinny said is spot on.

We do machine gun rentals and suppressor demos and the customer is no way affiliated with me or my shop. It is completely legal for anyone to use it as long as I am present and it doesn't leave the area I am in. This is the same for your suppressors. What said friend can't do is take it home with him or let it leave your possesion.

Always keep a small wallet sized photocopy of your form 4 for all cans you take out with you. Staples or kinkos can shrink them and laminate them so they last forever. Leave the original in your safe.
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