shooting with a suppressor question


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I know there are different length and weight supressors, but in general how much does it throw the balance of the rifle off if your trying to shoot offhand.
typically it actually helps.

The reason is that in off hand you are trying to time the figure 8 motion.

With a little extra weight it can subdue that figure 8. But the weight of each can is different and can have a different impact. But typically the can adds weight to the front and moves the center of ballance forward.

One of the best drills for increasing stability is to add a couple of pounds to the front barrel. Practice aiming and dry fire with that weight on the end, if you do it the day of or before you have a shoot you will notice that you are a lot more stable.
I was looking at building a longer barreled AR and just didn't know how awkward it made the the feel of the gun. Is there a big difference in shorter and longer barrels with POI using a suppressor?
Typically speaking, and this varies by suppressor.
But typically, a shorter, thicker barrel will have less POI shift. Anything that has LESS barrel whip on firing.
Two barrels at 24" a sporter, one a heavy's typical for the heavy contour to have less POI shift.
Two barrels with a heavy varmint at 26 and the other at's typical for the shorter to have less POI shift.

That shift isn't a big deal for most shooters, because there are very few reasons to ever shoot UNsuppressed ever again, once you have one.
Thanks for the info. I'm probably going to stick to about an 18 or 20 inch barrel. I just have to hurry and get the process for the can started
The POI doesn't really matter because you would just resight you gun with the suppessor attached. I have a saker with a QD and it seems to stay inline when I remove it and then put it back on
Originally Posted By: cbass16there are very few reasons to ever shoot UNsuppressed ever again, once you have one.

Indeed cbass, indeed.