Short but successful hunt tonight


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Wanted to try out the new Glock 41 MOS on some hogs. This has a Leupold Delta Point Pro, which I like due to the large window. Got within 20 yards of this sow and grounded her with one shot, had to finish her with a second.

I then went and set up to call coyote. This nice boar came out shortly after dark,,, he was about 100 yards out...

Next opportunity was a large male coyote. He came running in to the call but I was wearing dual PVS-14's and when I flipped them out of the way to get on the rifle he must have saw movement as he stayed at a trot and never stopped despite me whistling. I shot him on the trot, one round just about severed his back leg, the other shot was a lucky grazing head shot. He was perhaps 50-60 yards out...

A while later, this nice boar showed up and he was quickly dispatched...

All in all, not a bad evening for a short hunt.