Shotgun prices


The other sites have mentioned this so I thought I would see what you fellas have to say. Gunbroker just sold an 870 12 gauge for $1600. Other prices are high but nothing in this range. There is actually another 870 creeping up that high last I checked. I have to believe the man buying the shotgun was a newbie but ... Should we all empty our safes and closets or see where all this goes?
Personally, If you get in right now you might make a buck but look what happened to the Model 12, they were going for outrageous prices and they started coming out of the woodwork, now an average M-12 runs about what decent pump does, only when you get into small bores or high end guns do they stay escalated. With Rem sold off I think you will see them on the market again. Older ribbed Wingmasters will command better prices as even late factory 870 didn't match their fit and finish. Back in my trap shooting days Model 12 shooters carried a box of parts, 870 shooters brought more ammo.
Good points all. I may just try the market on a Browning side by side and a model 12.... Both 20 gauge. Nice to hear another perspective before I do something stupid.
Browning sxs are in real demand for their robustness and single trigger. Sub-gauge Model 12's are always hot more so if they have a rib.
I've been thinking about it for a while now. My reflexes aren't what they used to be. Maybe it is time to cull the herd of 20 gauge in the safe. I just don't want to be "that guy" with the gouging prices. Much rather they went to someone who could use and enjoy them. Guess I'll have to decide on some prices and see what happens in the classifieds here. Thanks for the advice.