Silly Tom


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Sunday I went for a morning hunt only to hear one distant gobble. Not seeing as many birds as I usually do but anyway after an uneventful morning I went back out different farm just after lunch. I got there hoping I could still hunt the farm but after a few minutes it was clear I was wasting my time. The ground was just too clam, dried up and crunchy.
(we need a good rain).
As I am about to leave but before I step out of the bush into the wheat field, I give a couple calls on my box call, scan the area only to see a turkeys head rise above the winter wheat. It reminded me of a submarine (up telescope).....The turkey is about 150 yds away from me but only 7 yds or so out from the bush. I try calling a few times but he doesn't want to move...
So, new plan, creep through the bush, try to get close enough for a shot. But with the ground so crunchy, I got to maybe 35 yds from the bird before it bust me and starts running down the wheat/bush edge. (no chance for a shot)
I now exit the bush and step into the field to see it about 300 yds away. I figure its all over..... A few seconds later the turkey instead of going into the bush, heads out into the middle of the wheat field.
From where I am, I can see his head pop up once in a while.... So he is about 300 yds out, in the middle of the winter wheat and maybe thinks he is safe. I figure nothing to lose, so take out my decoy and use it as a shield (hide behind it) and make my way toward him. Now I start closing the gap, 250, 200, 150 yds, now 100 yds... As I get closer, he drops down right out of site. I keep moving, now about 75 yds, heart starts racing, move closer now 50 yds... Now 40 yds.... Okay I am within range, close the gap more 30 yds.... All I see is the tip of his head (looks a bit like a dandelion sticking up). Now I close the gap even more, 20 yds... Okay, now I slow it down, take some deep breaths, calm down and get ready for the shot.... After I catch my breath I call out his name (I yell out Tom, Tom) so he could stand to confirm the beard... He does and instantly sprints but with me only 20 yds away, he doesn't stand a chance.... Poor guy, had the chance to get away, but he went for the winter wheat instead of the bush, what was he thinking, silly bird.

The pose

The wheat field (X) marks the spot

Both spurs are about 1 1/16 of an inch and the beard measure at 9 inches...