Skinning Hogs


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Once thing I would do different is I would not lay the quarters with the hair on it in my ice. I don't want the dirt and whatever else from the hair and feet in my ice chest.

Butchering a hog.

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I don't think I would lay the hams meat down on the tailgate after the hog hide had been on it as well.

I prefer to 1/4 while hanging so that the meat touches nothing but ice
Nice video... it says it all.

I do deer and hogs the same way... but in the woods, on the ground, and only carry out these same pieces in a feed sack.

I even have a youtube video showing this same process on deer. It's the only way to do it... if you don't like dragging...which I don't...but I make exceptions for furry coyotes.
We hang up,then split hide down back to head,then half way full length between badk ant belly,in quorters,start down lean skin,then pull to head,works great,but have to hang.Got hanger on back of truck with winch.
i'm going to give this a try, except for putting the dirty hairy things into my cooler (don't want to contaminate my adult beverages and bologna sandwiches) . I have been hanging them and completely skinning them, before quartering. Very hard for these old hands.
My step dad uses a similar method for elk. He hunts in some high rough country where everything he kills has to come out on his back. He swears that this keeps the meat cleaner and nicer. After quartering, he says that if you're careful, you can still get the rest of the meat off without having to remove the organs. I've tried it on an antelope and it worked pretty well.
Quote:I'd really like to know what kind of knife he is using to quarter them. Wow that thing is sharp. Great video

I can't saw for 100% but if it isn't this one, it is one just like it. I have several and they get sharp and stay sharp with just a few strokes of a good steel.

I've used the Victorinox paring knives for years, recently switched to the Gerber Vital that takes the same blades as the Havalon, interchangeable.
Dave McCroskey Knives

makes the most unbelievable knives you will put your hands on. I skinned and butchered 8 deer with one of his knives and it was still sharp!!!

Best money you will ever spend!

A friend skinned 300 beaver with one of his knives before it needed sharpening!

Dave's knives are a taxidermist's dream, also!
My Mother inlaw is here from Thailand he skinned quarter and deposed 2 hours in about 2 hrs. She is 59 does every thing right no the ground. She wont even let me help,
that is the kind of mother-in-law a guy could dream about getting.

reminds me of those ads that talk about a guy looking for a wife that has her own boat, send pics of the boat.