Slydog chair ?

I have had one for a few years.
Love, LOVE, love it.
Never leave home without it.
Very comfortable, the thick seat keeps your butt off the frozen ground.
The legs are very stable and give you very good back support for shooting. I try to not fill the backpack bag, it holds way more than I want to carry.

That looks like a useful set up to me. Have experimented with some different low ground turkey chairs. 1 out of 3 has worked well, but it's another thing to haul along. I have trouble with my legs going to sleep quickly on the ground. This might be a better option than a full pack when going in and back out on a single stand. Looks like a nice thick padded seat. Do u ever sit long stands with it like an hour on cats etc. or even longer on other stuff?
Buy it you won’t regret it! Nice thick padded seat, lightweight and very solid backrest as long as it’s not soft ground. Literally like sitting against a tree. I have even used it during spring turkey season when I can’t set against a tree and the backpack bag holds a hen decoy nicely.
My son and I both have one. He had his first. They are lightweight, yet sturdy and comfortable. My right leg still goes to sleep at about 22 minutes but it will no matter what I'm using. This one at least isn't strapped on and is easy to reposition in for longer stands.
Had an Alps grand slam and a Cabelas predator seat before this and this one is King.
They bring a new level of comfort to sits. I use mine for turkeys and deer as well. I feel a lot steadier when I can lean against the backrest and really settle on my shooting sticks.
Listen to these people. They know what thet are talking about. I've had one for years, and I would by another, without a doubt.
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The one that I have is the basic Ground and Pound chair. The legs fold out behind. The only other one I see has 2 vest panels that attach to the side, but I don’t carry that much stuff with me to need that.

I talked Craig into ordering one and he loves it. Give him a shout or stop by his office he will tell you about it. It is much lighter than my alps for sure..

Originally Posted By: bjlattI use it for handgunning coyotes. Easy to get knee support for handgun; no tree needed.

That is what I wanted to hear. Exactly what I was thinking. Gonna have to try it.
Got mine today
The back bag seems kinda cheezy, but otherwise feels solid enough
I'm gonna play with replacing the flimsy bag with a better back pack and buckles
Nice recommendation