Spotlighting Utah?

Crazy Coyote

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I know that spotlighting in Utah varies from county to county but who do I call or where can I find the laws for each county?
We have spotted more coyotes at night with our headlights than we ever see during the day. I know they are more active at night but good grief!!!
Welcome to the board Crazy Coyote! Where are you seeing all the dogs at? You need to get the book "Utah Spotlighting and Night Hunting Manual" by James D. Vilos. The book takes you though county by county on their regulations. Every county is different so you have to be real careful. If you can't find the book, email me on the county or counties you want information about and I would be glad to look it up for you.
I am interested in knowing some counties regs. I am pretty sure you can't in some but if you would please tell me I can be for sure. I couldn't find your e-mail address so I will ask you on here. How about Iron, Beaver, Garfield, Piute, and Washington? My e-mail is
Marcus, On the 1st page when you click on a forum, the moderaters name is listed on the left hand side. If you click on a moderators name you will get their e-mail address. E-mail me and I will list them for you. With the amount of counties you need infor for, it just takes up too much room in the forum.

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I found the book, thank you.
There are coyotes all over just south of skull valley in the transitional sagbrush to cedar trees areas. The government has some kind of poison operation going on but they are there oh are they there. They are really "people smart". We have found a lot of tracks just after a new snow and I mean just after.