Squirrel Limit


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Went out for a stroll through the woods this morning after finishing up some errands. It was a little after 1030 when I started and getting warm, but I enjoyed the exercise and made for an opportunity to scout for deer and mainly just be out and about. I took along my old Remington 552 topped with a VX-1 2-7 and loaded with CCI mini mags. Ended up taking a limit of squirrels. Was about to head out and stopped to take a picture with only 5, then heard the leaves shaking above me and was able to get the full limit of 6, all fox squirrels. Saw 8 squirrels total and a couple of decent sized horned trees in about 2 hours.


Good job! Like your rifle, my dad hunted with one sometimes. I've been out twice here and it's tough right now. We have a bumper crop of mast, tons of hickory and acorns. But very few squirrels. They haven't moved in any numbers yet. I'm going in the morning with my son and have a trip planned on Lost Italian Sailor Day with my son-in-law. Gotta cover some ground and see if I can locate them.
That is some good table fare and I like the Remington. When I was growing up we had squirrel at least three times a week during season. Limit then was 6 per day, now the limit is 25 per day, fifty combined grey or fox. I have not hunted squirrel since mid 60's and used a Remington Fieldmaster. That rifle disappeared after parents called it quits after 35 yrs of marriage. I may get back into squirrels again as I love being out in the woods.
I always loved squirrel hunting as the season started Aug 1st. I didn't mind hunting in the heat as a teen. My mom hated cooking them and I never really learned how, now where I live there aren't many around.
Sold my 552 Delux when I bought a Weatherby 22, big mistake. No fox squirrels here, just grey. Looks like you had a fun morning !